The 8th International Conference on System Reliability and Safety
Sicily, Italy - November 20-22, 2024

Call for Papers

The conference is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest:

  Track 1: System design and modeling based on reliability
Data-driven reliability model design
Design Optimization Using R&M Techniques
Discrete Event Modeling & Simulation
Condition monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics
Maintenance support modeling and simulation
Reliability modeling and validation
Reliability requirement and growth models
Accelerated Life Testing
Maintenance Models and Methodologies
Physical Reliability Models
Reliability analysis and optimization
Reliability Growth Analysis
Reliability measurement, estimation, and predication
Statistical analysis of uncertainty
Non-destructive evaluations
Reliability-Based Design and Regulations
Reliability-Based Optimization and ControlReliability Theory
Structural Health Monitoring
Stochastic Fracture Mechanics
System ReliabilityTransportation Systems
Mechanical fatigue damage
  Track 2: Machine learning and data analysis in reliable engineering
Fault Tree Analysis
Reliability testing and statistics
Big-Data Supported Reliability Assessment
Fault tolerance and diagnosis
Fault Tolerance and Safety Critical Systems
Life Data Analysis
Machine learning related to reliability
Probabilistic Materials Analysis
Probabilistic Risk Analysis
Probability and Statistics (theory and applications)
Damage Analysis and Assessment
Data-Driven Modeling
Applied Probability
Bayesian Methods
Computational Methods
Fuzzy and Interval Analysis
Machine Learning-Based Risk Analysis 
Warranty Data Analysis and Management
Uncertainty Quantification and Analysis
Physics of Failure

  Track 3: Product reliability assessment and management
Reliability theory and applicationg
Structural reliability
Risk assessment & management
Product reliability and safety evaluation
Software reliability and testing
Reliability tools for product development
Economic Models for R&M Equipment
Quality and safety
Environmental Risk Assessment
Inspection, Quality Control and Assurance
Insurance, Reinsurance, and Management of Risk
Life Cycle Performance Analysis and Cost
Life Extension
Lifeline Risk Assessment
Loads and Load Combinations
Loss Analysis
Security and Dependability Analysis
System Safety Analysis
Testing and simulation
Trustworthy evaluation
Monitoring and Maintenance Systems
Product warranty
Environment test & evaluation
Safety analysis & management
Equipment management and maintenance
  Track 4: Engineering reliability maintenance and safety management
Architecture and design-based reliability and performance
Strategic asset management
Asset fleet management
Quality engineering
Quality assurance and cost issues
Experimental design for quality control
Total quality management techniques
System health and analytics
Prognostics and health management
Condition based maintenance
Reliability centered maintenance
Diagnostics and Prognostics
Process improvement and maintenance
Prognostics and Health Management
R&M Management
Redundancy technology
Fatigue and Fracture
Geographical Information Systems Based Risk Analysis
Hazards Analysis
Novel technologies for maintenance:robotics, virtual reality and additice manufacturing
Life cycle management and services
Systems integrity management
Repairable Systems
Risk Analysis and Management
Human and organizational factors engineering
Risk Analysis and Risk-Informed Decision Making
Risk Perception and Communication

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