The 8th International Conference on System Reliability and Safety
Sicily, Italy - November 20-22, 2024

Session Keynote Lectures

Marcio Moura, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil

My host institution is the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), where I am associate professor and I’ve developed two general roles. First, I am the research leader at the Center for Risk Analysis, Reliability Engineering and Environmental Modeling (CEERMA), which is a multi and interdisciplinary lab, where students at all levels have carried out their research projects since 2008. Indeed, I believe that my colleagues and I have built at CEERMA a pretty collaborative and team-working environment to develop rigorous research. Thus, we encourage our students and fellows to establish mutual and meaningful connections, which I think it is fundamental and paramount to a productive workplace. Besides this role, I’ve also been a senior visiting professor at The Garrick Institute for the Risk Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles.

My research interests include the following major topics: More specifically, I have worked on Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis of Failure, Machine and Deep Learning, Accelerated Life Testing, Stochastic Processes, Dynamic Complex Systems, Soft Computing, and Modeling and Simulation Techniques.

Secondly, I teach courses for both undergraduate and post-graduate students. I particularly like my involvement in all education levels because I believe, in this way, we could quickly transfer the new findings developed by MD and PhD candidates directly to undergrad students. I think the faster we move our research results in this direction, the more prepared our students are to grapple with their challenges. For undergrad students, I am currently teaching two courses 1) Machine and Deep Learning Models Applied to Reliability Engineering; 2) Techniques for Simulating Industrial Processes, while I am the instructor of the following courses for MD and PhD candidates: 1) Reliability Engineering; 2) Advances in Reliability Engineering; 3) Stochastic Processes. For more details on my work, you can check out these links: ResearcherID; ResearchGate; ORCID; Scopus; Google Scholar.

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