The 6th International Conference on System Reliability and Safety
Venice, Italy · November 23-25, 2022

Session Keynote Lectures

Roberto Rocchetta
Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Dr Rocchetta is a post-doctoral researcher at the Technical University of Eindhoven at the department of mathematics and computer science within the stochastics and industrial statistics cluster. Rocchetta holds a PhD in reliability engineering from the University of Liverpool (2019), an MRes in decision-making under risk and uncertainty from the University of Liverpool, and an MEng in Energy engineering from the University of Bologna. Rocchetta worked on serval collaborative projects with prestigious academic and industrial groups in Europe and in the USA such as Philips, National Institute of Aerospace, NASA Langley, ETH Zurich, ARAMIS, Milano Polytechnic, and others. His research focuses on decision-making under uncertainty, PHM, statistical learning for reliability applications, and systems and networks resilience analysis and optimization. Rocchetta authored more than 30 peer-reviewed manuscripts of which 13 are papers in prestigious international journals. His research generated a notable impact within the reliability engineering and uncertainty quantification research community.

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