The 6th International Conference on System Reliability and Safety
Venice, Italy · November 23-25, 2022

Session Keynote Lectures

Katrina Groth, University of Maryland, USA

Katrina M. Groth is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the associate director for research for the Center for Risk and Reliability at the University of Maryland. Groth’s research and educational activities focus on engineering safer systems through risk assessment and reliability engineering, with a focus on complex engineering systems. Her research blends reliability engineering, probability theory, causality, Bayesian methods, machine learning and engineering science to support risk-informed decision making. Groth’s research has enhanced system safety for applications including hydrogen fueling stations, hydrogen storage, nuclear power plants, and natural gas pipelines. She has a B.S in Nuclear Engineering (2004), and an M.S. and PhD. in Reliability Engineering (2008, 2009) from the University of Maryland.

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